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Stop business interruption caused by unreliable forklifts.

Hall Forklift Solutions cover breakdowns, routine servicing and full machine overhauls.

Partnering with us will guarantee you always have safe and reliable forklifts.

Unreliable forklifts can cause massive disruption to business.

The knock on effect can be huge. Disrupted collections and deliveries most always incur unplanned expenses. The stresses of rescheduling late deliveries to customers.
99% of the time this is completely avoidable with a reliable maintenance plan for your forklift.

With reliable forklifts,
collections and deliveries run on time.

Safe and Reliable

With routine maintenance your forklift is guaranteed to be safe and reliable.

Collections and Deliveries on Time

Keep Goods in and Goods out moving without disruption.

Save Time and Money

With routine maintenance your forklift is guaranteed to be safe and reliable.

We don't just care about forklifts.
We care about you.

Many times, first hand, we have seen the massive disruption, expense and stress placed on business owners due to forklift breakdown.

23 years as forklift servicing and maintenance specialists.

We are stockists and distributors of parts to other forklift garages and trade counters.

We are equipped to do full machine strip downs and rebuilds. Restoring your forklift to a showroom like condition.

Hall Forklift Solutions Limited

Routine Servicing and Overhauls

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New and Used Forklift Sales

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Forklift Parts

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How To Get Started

Schedule A Call

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This allows us to learn about your business needs.

Initial Inspection
And Service

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Initial inspection and service so you get the best matched servicing plan for your business.

Keep A Safe
Reliable Forklift

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With routine servicing we guarantee you will have a safe and reliable forklift.